Seeking Beta Testers For “Climbing Momlife Mountain: Overcome Overwhelm and Mom-Guilt in 9 Weeks”

My new group coaching program, Climbing Momlife Mountain: Overcome Overwhelm and Mom-Guilt in 9 Weeks, is beginning live filming soon. I’m looking for 20 moms who are motivated to overcome overwhelm and mom-guilt RIGHT NOW to join me along this journey, as Beta Testers. Will you be one of them?

Does this sound like you?

You’ve tried everything you can think of. Years of your life feel like they’ve been wasted in therapy that taught you all the tools, but they just aren’t working for you. You’ve read all the self-help books and listened to the podcasts and audiobooks. As if that weren’t enough, you’ve even attended webinars with the mediation gurus. Meditation doesn’t work for you, and mindfulness is too hard to maintain. You just can’t find that missing piece. Why is it so hard?

You know that it’s hard to see the top of the mountain when you’re still climbing, but you’re beginning to lose hope that you’ll ever reach it. The longer you climb, the harder you feel gravity pulling you down. If only someone would throw you a rope to help you climb up….

The overwhelm has just been building, and you’re feeling buried under mountains of mom-guilt for the impact it’s had on your children. It’s all become just too much! You know this is something you need to address urgently. You’ll do anything to find a way out of this so you can finally be the mom you want to be!

But don’t worry…

I have the map

Beta Testers Wanted!

Climbing Momlife Mountain: Overcome Overwhelm and Mom-Guilt in 9 Weeks With Baby Led Enlightenment


In this revolutionary new group coaching program and support community, you’ll learn to:

Match Your Commitments to Your Capacity

When we feel overwhelmed, it means we are taking on more than we can handle. By learning to identify your values and measure your capacity, you can escape the overwhelm FAST and stop feeling completely drained.

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Find Balance in Life

Mom-guilt can trick us into believing that we are selfish for doing even the most basic self-care tasks. By learning how to balance your commitments to yourself with your commitments to others, you can ditch the mom-guilt and regain control of your life.

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Set, Communicate, and Hold Healthy Boundaries

Setting healthy boundaries that honor your values while respecting your capacity is essential. Learning how to communicate and hold those boundaries is even more crucial to keeping those days of feeling overwhelmed where they belong: behind you!

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As a Beta Tester, you’ll get access to the finalized course and all future updates. You’ll also get lifetime access to the weekly group coaching and support community in exchange for your effort in joining me along the journey of filming this program. If you think you would be a good fit to be a beta tester, submit an application by clicking the link below. Or go to:

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Who I am:

My name is Jelynda Vanover, and I am the Founder of Baby Led Enlightenment. I am a Certified Master Life Coach, Health and Wellness Coach, and Certified Pregnancy DialoguesTM Facilitator. I am also a mother of two brilliant young ladies who amaze me every single day.

For over a decade, I have been helping moms around the world find their ideal personal parenting paths and become the kind of moms they want to be. Together, we can find your path and equip you with the tools you need to follow it. Because it takes a village!

Jelynda Vanover

Founder, Baby Led Enlightenment