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A Parent’s Journey


…is never-ending!


It’s easy to feel lost sometimes, like you’ve gone down the wrong path and can’t find your way back. Maybe you’re so confused you feel like you can’t even try to go anywhere. What questions should you be asking? How can you find the answers you need? Where should you even look?

You Don’t Have to Go it Alone


Everyone Needs a Guide

Without support, you may feel like you have to figure everything out alone.

But that isn’t true. You don’t have to take it all on by yourself. Having someone who has been where you are can help you reach where you want to go.



 I am here to be that guide for you

I’ve been there. 10 years ago, I was just like you. Excited, but scared and confused. I was looking down a rabbithole, not knowing where it would lead. Would I have the strength to endure the journey? How would I find my way?

Since 2014, I’ve been helping women find their own path and the strength to take it. I will hold your hand while you find your footing. I will give you the tools you need to stand on your own. I will help you connect with your village so you have the support you need when you aren’t sure where to go next.


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“…I felt overwhelmed and unsupported… He had been a grumpy baby since birth… She helped me to reconnect with my instincts… and he was like a completely normal baby and I felt happy and was able to find my gentle again!”

Amanda Carmichael

Join a Community


…that is committed to helping each other grow and thrive!

A group that wants to see you succeed. That wants to be there for you when you are scared. That will help you to understand when you feel confused. Some of us are or have been where you are. All of us are on our own journey toward enlightened and empowered motherhood!


 Join the Baby Led Enlightenment Village 

“I’m having a homebirth!!! Baby Led Enlightenment I never could have done it without your help! Thank you!”

Lily Bailey

No Matter the Stage of Your Journey…

I am here for you. From planning to pregnancy and breastfeeding. Even during parenting, from infants to teens. I will guide you through.

You are not alone.

Purchase one of my courses for guidance that is available 24/7 for the stage of your journey you are in or planning for. Plus, get exclusive email support that’s only for members of the Baby Led Enlightenment community!

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